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Mon - 04/05/2010

Coincidentally, Annika started writing More Who Have Less a few days before Haiti’s devastating earthquake.

When the earthquake struck, we were motivated to not only finish the song, but try and put it to good use as well.  As soon as the song was done we made a video, with the hope of inspiring people to simply Give.  Or better yet, give simply.  Since we want to “walk the talk” as well, selling tee-shirts seemed like a good way to raise money AND awareness.  Soooooooo, here’s our I have a Love-Haiti relationship tee-shirt.  We hope you like it.  We hope you love it.  We hope you’ll buy it…..’cause, like the song says, “There are some who have more, but there are more who have less.”

~100% of the profit from sales will go to Partners in Health (PIH).   PIH, the non-profit medical relief organization was co-founded over 20 years ago by Dartmouth College president, Jim Yong Kim, and operates in several countries. Author Tracy Kidder recently wrote in The New York Times that, "As a result of this calamity, Partners in Health probably just became the largest health care provider still standing in all Haiti."

Thanks for listening…….and thanks for giving.


PS: As of 3/19 we've sold almost 120 tee-shirts! Thank you all for helping us, one tee shirt at a time.

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Saffire supports Haiti

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