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About Still Saffire

Indie-rock band Still Saffire is the coming together of two sets of 15 - 19-y-o sisters(Sonya and Charlotte/Soreya and Annika) who have a knack for writing songs that are engaging and relevant, coupled with a sophistication and maturity that belies their youth.  When the band formed in early 2009, each girl brought forward her own musical talents and interests stemming from rock to pop to jazz to blues to classical.  What emerged are the catchy, harmony-filled tunes of Still Saffire that have already begun to grace the NY tri-state area’s music clubs, auditoriums, and airwaves.

Quick to be embraced by the NYC community, Still Saffire has had the privilege of performing at a wide range of venues including Lincoln Center’s ‘Out Of Doors’ summer concert series, Brooklyn Academy of Music, New York University, Rutgers University, The Knitting Factory and more. Still Saffire’s mission is to always ‘play for a cause’ and, in their short time together, the band has performed at over thirty benefits and fund raisers.  They  established the ‘Still Saffire Sisters Scholarship Fund’ which offers sisters the opportunity to experience a summer program at Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls in Brooklyn, NY., a non-profit organization whose aim is to empower and mentor girls through music.  Still Saffire also launched a tee-shirt project in early 2010 to raise money for the ongoing relief efforts of Partners in Health in Haiti.

They are talented, fresh sounding, socially conscious young musicians who are doing what they love most – playing music and making a difference in the world.

Check them out at  www.myspace.com/StillSaffire and www.youtube.com/SaffireMusic


Well-known NYC rock photographer, Debra L. Rothenberg (www.rothenbergphoto.com), recently blogged:  “Tonight I was blown away by a group of young girls ages 12-15 who write, play, and sing amazing songs.  Some 30 plus years ago, a man named Jon Landau was a music writer in Boston and he wrote ‘I have seen the future of rock and roll and his name is Bruce Springsteen.’ Well....tonight, I saw rock and roll’s future and their name is [Still]Saffire.’

Karla Schickele, Executive Director of Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls (www.williemaerockcamp.org), states: "[Still]Saffire is not just one of the most talented 'kid bands' around right now, they're quite simply one of the most exciting and interesting bands of any age. Their songs are pop gems, with some that will move you to tears, and some that will have you humming for weeks afterwards, all performed with a combination of natural stage presence and a lack of pretentiousness that should be the envy of bands twice (and three times) their age."